The Benefits of Coming to Costa Rica for a Medical Procedure

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Costa Rica is known for being one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But did you know that it is also famous for being one of the best countries for medical tourism?


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Three reasons why Costa Rica is an excellent country for medical tourism:

Better prices

The quality of the medical procedures in Costa Rica is comparable or even better to the ones offered in the United States and Europe. However, these procedures cost a fraction of the price offered in those locations.

In most cases it’s more economical to fly to Costa Rica, stay here for a couple of nights and get the surgery done, than having the procedure performed in your country of origin.

Medical quality

The quality of the private healthcare in Costa Rica is excellent. It has been adapted and specialized to receive medical tourism and many of the doctors have been trained internationally. This is the case for DHI Costa Rica, being one of the best and most specialized hair transplant clinics in the world. DHI Costa Rica has patients from all over the world, who have seen  the amazing results and have also had the opportunity to get to know this beautiful country.

Relax in paradise

Costa Rica not only has the advantage to offer its tourists unforgettable vacation, but is also a perfect place to recover after a medical procedure. One of the  advantages of our technique is that it only requires from 4-7 days for a total recovery, and it does not demand total rest. Therefore, this allows you to get to know the country and enjoy your vacations. 

Costa Rica offers  hope for people that want to overcome hair loss. The Hair Restoration Clinic DHI Costa Rica invites you to get your confidence back with a hair transplant procedure with guaranteed natural looking results that last for a lifetime. You can plan a trip to Costa Rica that can change your life. Learn more about this experience here:



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