Take a vacation and come back with a full head of hair

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Costa Rica has one of the best and most important hair transplant clinics in the world which offers a procedure that is so satisfying and quick that it will allow you to have a hair transplant and a vacation in this beautiful country at the same time. So come to Costa Rica, visit the DHI clinic, and travel back looking younger!

DHI Costa Rica makes it possible

We guarantee natural looking results through a patented technique that does not use scalpels or stitches, leaves no scars, is painless, and has a very short recovery time.

This is possible thanks  to the specialized tools used by the DHI doctors. These tools have a diameter  of 1.00 mm or less and allow the doctors to choose depth, direction, and angle of each hair, while they implant them one by one. 

The hair transplant procedure requires few post-operative cares which are easy and can be done  at home. Full rest is not required in order to get better which means that you will be able to roam around Costa Rica while  taking care of your new hair!


A life changing  journey

This could be the best  vacation of your life! Regain your youthful look and your confidence while visiting a tropical paradise which is famous for its medical tourism. Getting rid of hair loss is at your fingertips and at an amazing price.


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Are you interested in more details about this experience? Click on the following ebook and you will find an example of an  itinerary and an estimated cost.


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