The main reasons why having your hair transplant done in Costa Rica is better: the superior experience

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We know you want your hair back, you want to look in the mirror and see the person you feel you are. You want to look young and vibrant, and you know that a hair transplant is the way to make it possible.

But don't be too quick on making your decision as of what technique you want or where you want to get it done. There are many clinics that offer hair transplants, but you have to be careful because you don't want the implant to look unnatural or invest money in a process that won't work at all. 

DHI is considered the best hair restoration clinic.  We do not just have our patented tools but we also have 50 years of experience with 75 clinics all over the world.  We guarantee natural results thanks to our strict protocols and internationally trained professionals.  

 When it comes to your appearance, you must make a safe investment because its more than just a hair transplant, what you are looking for is a life changing experience that will give you back your looks and your confidence.


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A hair transplant is better in DHI Costa Rica

Here are 3 reasons why DHI Costa Rica is a better place to have your hair transplant done:


Medical quality in the DHI procedure

Unlike with other hair transplant methods such as FUT or FUE, with the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method, there is no need for any previous incisions or holes in the implanted area.  Hair follicles are implanted directly in the area using the patented DHI implanter, which lets the doctor have control of the direction, depth, and angle of each graft.  We also do not use any scalpels, reception incisions, or stitches.  


The hair follicles are extracted one by one using a specifically designed disposable tool with a diameter of 1mm or less to avoid trauma to the area.  In order to avoid the risks of having the hair follicles outside their natural environment for too long, once they are extracted, they are kept in a special solution called hypothermosol which enhances their development after placement.  

Even though it is common that hair transplant procedures are performed by technicians for cost efficiency reasons, at DHI the procedure from start to finish is performed only by medical doctors.  All our doctors have been trained and certified by the DHI academy, the only training academy in hair restoration.  All of the above is to ensure safety, natural results, and lifetime growth every time. 


Read one of our patients testimony here: Angel Rafael´s experience with DHI


Located in a tropical paradise

The view from DHI Costa Rica’s clinic shows you the natural exuberance of our country. From the chair where you get your hair transplant done you can see dense vegetation, a nice view of the Central Valley area, and at a distance some of the great mountains and volcanoes that surround the city.


The paradisiac surroundings will relax you and help you heal.  No wonder Costa Rica is such a popular country with all sorts of medical tourism.


You get more for your money

DHI Costa Rica gives you a quality assurance and has a team of dedicated professionals with a keen eye for aesthetic results.  We are not the most economical option in the market but we are the ones that offer more value.


If what you are looking for is a better, natural, younger look, a boost in your confidence, and a medical procedure that has permanent results, then DHI is your answer. Think of it as an investment in your wellbeing that is going to be worth every dollar.


The main reason for choosing DHI Costa Rica: It's a life changing experience

In DHI Costa Rica we have specialized in medical tourism and so, we offer a full experience on your hair transplant and go beyond just the fine medical procedure.


We want you to return home as a new improved version of yourself by giving you the chance that most people don't have, the opportunity to restore your hair and your confidence. Every detail of this experience has been taken care of and you can ask us for any recommendations throughout this journey. 


If you want to learn more about the experience you could have, download our newest ebook.


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