After a DHI hair transplant in Costa Rica

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The DHI Clinic in Costa Rica has amazing results which are great looking and permanent. 

What is a hair transplant?

In essence, it’s moving hair from one area of the head to another. We first start by extracting one hair follicle at a time from the back and sides of the head; this is the donor area. We then transplant these follicles to the area of the head affected by hair loss. This technique uses healthy hair follicles that are not affected by the DHT hormone, responsible for hair loss (alopecia). By using follicles that are resistant to DHT, the new, transplanted hair, will never fall off.


What does a hair transplant look like?

Unless you talk about it, no one will notice! The results of a DHI hair transplant are impeccable, have natural results, and leave no scars.

 In order for the implant to look perfect, we use specialized and patented tools that allow the transplanted hair to have the correct angle, direction, and depth required. Our doctors will create a personalized hair design depending on each patient's expectations for a completely natural look.

A few days after the transplant, you will notice  the new hair starting to grow. The final results will be seen one year later  with new hair that grows naturally and with no visible scars.

In the  pictures below, you can see an example of a procedure where 7,296 hairs  were transplanted. Can you see how much denser the crown and frontal area look? This can only be achieved through  a hair transplant procedure, done by hair transplant specialist doctors.

Before and After


DHI Costa Rica will provide an experience that will change your life. We guarantee results that will look natural and an  exceptional service than any other. Visit us and compare our quality with any other clinic of your liking.


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